Kitchen Extraction System Cleaning

Kitchen extraction systems quickly become contaminated with a build-up of flammable deposits of grease, oil and debris.

This creates a very serious yet unseen fire hazard.

Kitchen extraction system cleaning in progress

Kitchen extraction system cleaning in progress

Under the fire safety reform of 2005 the building manager or owner is responsible to ensure sufficient and appropriate fire safety precautions are in place to protect the building and its occupants. Flammable deposits in extraction systems fall under this regulation.

Insurers understand the risk, and as a condition of providing cover against fire they insist that correct cleaning is carried out by specialist contractors in accordance with industry best practice. Insurers usually specify the minimum frequency of cleaning required; failure to comply will render your insurance invalid.

We clean extraction systems in accordance with the TR/19 standard from BESA (Building & Engineering Services Association). We use a combination of cleaning techniques to ensure every system is thoroughly cleaned.

After cleaning we provide:-

  • Detailed Project report
  • Before / after cleaning photographs of the system
  • Certificate of cleaning suitable for your insurance company