Frying Range Extraction Cleaning

Fires started in cooking equipment of commercial kitchens cause millions of pounds in damage and insurance claims each year.

Fish and chip shops have been identified as one type of business in the highest risk category.

Frying Range cleaning in progress

Frying Range cleaning in progress

Most insurance companies now require documented proof that the extraction ductwork has been cleaned to recognised industry standards by specialist contractors.

Our ductwork hygiene procedures are designed to comply with the TR/19 guidelines from BESA (Building & Engineering Services Association).

Our cleaning procedure for frying range ductwork starts from the outlets above the pans, down into the horizontal ductwork within the range itself and then into the grease sump. From the grease sump we clean the ducting up to the fan, the fan and housing and duct above to the top of the stack.

The cleaning methods employed varies from system to system dependant on access. We use a combination of manual cleaning, steam cleaning, chemical degreasing and remote cleaning technologies that involve mechanical brushing and steam jet nozzles.

On completion of cleaning we provide a hygiene certificate for the duct system together with a detailed project report including photographs of before and after cleaning. The certificate serves as evidence for your insurers, environmental health officers, landlords etc.